Russell Rogers, Director

Rogers Analytics is focussed on delivering very effective, high quality financial planning tools combined with an exceptional standard of service. I am happy to assist operations directly or in association with other consulting groups; in small or large teams as required by the project.

Throughout my professional career I have been able to demonstrate strong numerate, analytical and communication skills that have been successfully applied in the development and application of financial modelling software in the mining industry.

The Xeras Financial Modelling1 software and Excel2 are the core tools of my trade. The primary focus has been to creatively apply these to either strategic evaluations for long term investment decisions or the production of “whole of operation” financial budgets that help promote more effective change management in dynamic economic environments.

With over 20 years experience, customers have found that I have a talent for assessing the important evaluation issues and then use my software background to professionally design and develop financial models that are focussed on the core issues, accurate in their results production and also structured very much with the end user in mind. These applications typically have exceptional longevity leading to an economical life cycle cost.

Whilst much of my experience is in open cut coal, a significant portfolio of work has been in underground coal as well as metalliferous operations. I have consulted in Australia, USA, Canada, Indonesia and RSA.

I have a track record of being able to quickly acquire an excellent appreciation of both the technical and commercial considerations inherent in mine project work and can very effectively bridge the gap between the engineering and commercial realms.


My introduction to mining was as a junior mine planning officer for Comalco’s bauxite operation. At that time, the mine (drill log) data was used in a very rudimentary and manual manner for mine planning. I set about developing simple but effective production planning software to better utilise the data. This software resulted in more accurate plans being produced significantly faster which lead to the opportunity to run options. This success made me realise that my future lay, not in Mine Planning directly, but in producing the software tools to produce better plans much faster.

With this aim in mind, I joined Runge and stayed there for over 21 years growing my skills and experience as Runge evolved. I starting out as a programmer and moved through numerous roles as the company expanded both in people and service offerings. These included: software development roles as Programmer, Senior Programmer, Team Leader, Software Development Manager and Xeras Project Manager; consulting roles included Technical Analyst, Software Consultant, Business Analyst and Principal Software Consultant. I also made a significant contribution to business development through sales and marketing.

Runge gave me the opportunity to become a contributor to the development and application of what is now well established planning software. Whilst I had been involved in the development of Runge’s Talpac, Xpac and Qeocc3 software, of particular note, I can be credited with the introduction of the Xeras, Financial Modelling and Budgeting software product. Xeras is now extensively used in strategic and financial planning within the global mining industry. I was also able to make a key contribution to the extension of the application from its original strategic modelling focus to detailed life of mine planning then annual operational budgeting and as a significant software tool in the equipment maintenance budgeting area.

In consulting roles, I have developed financial models for economic evaluations and/or budgeting applications for companies such as RTCA, BHP, Anglo Coal, Griffin, Wesfarmers, Xstrata, De Beers and earlier corporate entities such as Pacific Coal, Coal & Allied, Shell Coal, Nova Coal, MIM and Exxon. I have also been involved in a number of exercises for PT Kaltim Prima Coal in Indonesia and an extensive partnership over a number of years with US Borax in California.


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies

Majors in Mathematical Modelling and Statistical Analysis
Griffith University, Australia

Professional Employment

Rogers Analytics Pty Ltd,
Director , Principal Consultant; 2008-

Runge Ltd,
Roles in consulting, software production and sales; 1987-2008

Comalco Aluminium Ltd,
Mine Planning Officer; 1982-1984

1 Xeras is a trademark of Runge Ltd
2 Excel is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation
3 Talpac, Xpac and Qeocc are trademarks of Runge Ltd.